Numipulator® Standalone Maker
Personal Edition 5.0

Standalone games or apps

This app lets you generate standalone apps based on a numiplet that should run in most modern browsers.

The standalone app is essentially Numipulator itself with the numiplet loaded, but with most of the interface hidden. Only heavily modified versions of the Graphics Formatter and/or Animation Zone (depending on your numiplet) will be displayed, together with the Start, Go and Stop buttons. There is also a Data button that gives the user access to the Num1, Num2, List1 and List2 inputs, so that they may change these values if they wish. You should therefore ensure that any user-modifiable values are stored in these, and that your Description tells users about changing these values. Also, ensure that your Description contains only what is useful to any end-user.

To generate your standalone app, first define the main background colour of the app in the App Background Colour field. This should be a recognized HTML colour (e.g. red, purple or brown) or a colour code, e.g. #8E2323, the default, which is identical to the background of the Graphics Formatter and Animation Zone of Numipulator, (look them up on the web), and should be dark enough so that white text will show up on it. Then copy and paste your numiplet code into the Numiplet field below, and press the Create App button. The HTML/Javascript for your standalone app is generated and displayed in the Standalone App field. Simply select and copy this text into a new text document (e.g. Notepad document on a Windows PC) and save it with a suitable name and a .htm or .html extension.

App Background Colour


Standalone App

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use section at the bottom of the main Numipulator page also apply to the Standalone Maker. You may create standalone games or other apps, but may not change the code.

About Numipulator and Standalone Maker

Numipulator and Standalone Maker were designed and developed by Dr David Wolstenholme.

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