Word lists and mappings

Many of our built-in and shared Numiplets involve words and letters: rather ironic for an application focused on numbers. Because of storage considerations, these generally have only a few words in them for demonstration purposes. You can choose to add to these if you wish when playing them. You may also wish to develop your own Numiplets involving words and letters. The following links open up pages giving 4- to 9-letter word lists, where these have already been broken down into their individual letters, suitable for Numipulator. When these pages are opened, the word lists are shuffled before being presented, so you should be able just to select some of these to use. They have been compiled and vetted by us to be 'family-safe' and suitable for most English-speakers.

In association with these, you will probably want to use one of the alphabet mappings shown on our alphabet mappings page.